What is the Life Symphony?

In response to a 2007 Omaha mall shooting, Callen set out on the mission to compose a symphony that would positively celebrate the human potential in all of us. A piece with the intent that "life is worth living." The Life Symphony is a single coherent composition in seven movements for solo violin and symphony orchestra that depicts the arc of a Human Life, from Creation to the Passage of the soul into eternity. While the orchestra represents the body, the solo violin represents the soul. Expressed within a symphonic framework, the listener is invited in to identify his or her experiences with the music.

Life Song

In an effort to bring down the wall that separates the audience from the orchestra, the audience will join in singing in the last movement!  The melody of this song uses one of the most primitive of all intervals, the minor third.  It is said that a baby will naturally call out to his “mama” using these tones. Listen, follow along and become a part of the Symphonic Revival.

Listen to 'Life Song'






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